Reach Thousands of Students for 30 days straight

A Dedicated Platform for Student Ad Placement

Advertise. Connect. Hire. Introduce students to your Brand 

All for $11.99 or $2.99/week

NY Students Love our platform. 

Our affordable meals coupled with our personalized Chef  and Nutritional offerings  attract as many as 400 students per hour to our platform.  Broadcast your brand or Ad to as many as 400 students/hr.

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Cultivate, nurture and grow your brand on campus. 

Whether it's hiring a brand ambassador or giving our free promo codes to spread the word about your brand, aligning your brand with our platform enables students perceive your brand in a "cool" way.   Begin Sponsoring Meals on Campus

After a while students begin to associate your brand with certain food/meals. It's mesmerising 

-GGG Fashion

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Affordability meets Durability. 

The average e-commerce seller will spend $380 before striking a chord with Gen-Z's or students on social media, with us it's down to just $11.99. Plus, your Ad keeps rolling for 30 days straight.

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Repetition: Get your Ad seen 12.5x a month.

The marketing Rule of 7 states that it takes the average person to interact with your Ad 7X before a transaction can take place. With our Nuance Ad campaign,  your Ad can be seen by the same viewer 12.5x a month. That's the number of times a student customer/subscriber will visit our platform in a given 30-day period. 

That's our competitive edge over Social Media Cont'd


Register and Pick a Time Slot 

Tell us a bit more about your company and enter a time of the day you would like to be featured. 

E.g Slot time: Breakfast time 11am. 

Get Approved

We'll review your application and get back with a decision within 24 hours. 

It's Live! 

Send us over your Ad or discount offering and we'll design it to fit the frame of our Ad board. 

Don't forget to check the menu during your slot time to see your Ad.

Begin reaching students in a Unique and Intriguing way. 

Don't just Advertize. Captivate Students