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Never pay more than $5 for a meal!

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  • Access to any of our $5 meals all year long. A year of $5 meals! 

  • Get your Personal Chef or Food Nutritionist 

  • Free 12.5 Pizza from 12 of New York's Top Restaurants. ( 12 Pizzas & 1 small pizza meal)


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Your Pizza Bill of Rights

Pick a time and a day where you want your Pizza delivered to you 12x every month. Plus one mini-pizza meal with fries + wings.

Get a Personal Chef on the house

Let's connect you with a chef from our Chef Clientele list that will help  in developing a nutritional plan.

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  • Access all Menus

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  • All weekend access to 10+ Restaurant Menu

  • Get any of our meals for $5 with this plan.


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"Swoop turns high end restaurant meals into just $5 meals. How they do it...I don’t know. But I love it!"

Ali R- Student at CUNY