The Mystery behind our $5 Meals

Because livin' in NYC can be tough for a student, we came up with a business  model  that makes premium high-end meals affordable. 


We make extra cash through Ads

We partner with companies to advertise their Ads on our Page. Thus generating additional income to cover other aspects of our running cost. Our Ads placement helps local companies and startups advertize to Students by leveraging our popularity among students and New Yorkers to reach people in a whole new way.

Keep an eye on the Menu page for Ads, discount offerings and career opportunities

We partner with Local Eateries and Food Startups (the little guys) with not-so-huge marketing budget. 

To promote up-and-coming food startups and local restaurants to gain market entry and create a customer base, we partner with newly opened food entities that want to popularize their brand via the use of in-expensive meals. 


Our Subscription Option

Subscribe to our Fast-food delivery meal plan for only 59.99 to get all access to our meals, a personal chef and a tailored-made dish that matches your nutritional goal. Get the best of swoop when you subscribe. Plus, you also get a free $15 Amazon Gift Card. 


Food & Hygiene 

All our meals are prepped and cooked in Restaurants and food entities that boast stellar Hygiene ratings. Either pick up your meal from our restaurant partner to see their Hygiene certificate or have us email you a receipt of "hygiene certification" on each order.